Over the past year, we have been developing cyber liability avoidance services – tailored to serve every participant in the breach and cyber insurance ecosystem, a network that includes insurance carriers, law firms, breach- and post-breach consultants, incident response and forensics providers, risk assessment specialists, and cybersecurity training providers. By providing services to each participant in the ecosystem, AdvIntel  effectively increases the efficiency of the entire network.

For these customers, our platform will aggregate indicators of compromise (IOCs) for hundreds of entities on a weekly basis. This IOC intelligence comes from our unmatched visibility into the most sophisticated crimeware and credential-stealing malware, such as TrickBot and Emotet, as well as our visibility into over 10,000 unique DarkWeb sources and services.

By delivering timely alerts, we prevent breaches and eCrime, enabling our clients to avoid costly insurance liability payments. Moreover, our unmatched crimeware and DarkWeb intelligence are also delivered to law firms that can notify victims, and mitigate and prevent litigation and regulatory losses.

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liability avoidance

for Cyber Breaches