Loss Avoidance

for small & family-run businesses

In 2019, the typical small business lost over $200,000 USD from cyberattacks. Such a figure could prove absolutely devastating to small businesses, especially in the middle of the pandemic. Most often, a cyberattack against a small business is preceded by data exposure, when credentials or other information circulate on the DarkWeb before being maliciously exploited. 

In order to prevent the loss of assets, capital, and reputation, AdvIntel offers affordable early-warning and monitoring solutions. By subscribing to the Andariel platform, you receive access to a preset, fully customized alerting system that immediately reports if your information, sensitive corporate data, or financial assets are, or may be, exposed in the cybercriminal underground.


This way, you can mitigate risks before they materialize into an attack against your enterprise. 

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