• Degree in Security Studies, Journalism, International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration or Criminal Justice

  • Ability to write concise, clear business reports

  • Interest in the areas of cybercrime, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and the intersection between policy, security, and technology

  • Experience in data analysis is a plus, but not required

  • Proficiency in Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and Hebrew is a plus, but not required




  • Produce 2-3 page intelligence reports on a daily basis

  • Investigate the DarkWeb in search of prolific cyber threats

  • Review and edit reports produced by other members of the intelligence team as needed


We are looking for a part-time and/or full-time research intern for our CyberThreat Early Warning Project, for Fall and Winter. This is an unpaid remote position.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber threats to medical institutions have been growing steadily, as threat actors attempt to exploit the overwhelmed healthcare system. With this in mind, our latest project is devoted to notifying over 500 subscribed customers (primarily in healthcare) regarding the most prolific cyber threats. We are looking for an aspiring, motivated, and self-organized researcher to assist in this project, in addition to engaging in analysis and the production of daily intelligence reports on subjects such as data breaches, fraud schemes, ransomware extortion, APT group activities, and state-sponsored cyber operations.

Extensive training and instruction will be provided by members of our intelligence team. We emphasize an investigative mindset, the ability to write concise and clear business reports, and a high level of initiative. Prior technical skills are not required.


Joining Advintel will provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on security environment. You will develop extensive knowledge, skills, and in-depth field experience in the area of cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and fraud investigations.


Help us protect our communities during the global pandemic. Our Early Warning project is devoted to notifying healthcare customers and providing free notification support to educational institutions, churches, religious communities, Tribal Authorities, hospitals, and nonprofits.


Receive extensive training on the current cyber threat ecosystem. Learn about malware groups, ransomware syndicates, and the most sophisticated cyber fraud schemes.


Build your public profile with us – we always give credit to our analysts. Your name will be listed with your research, and we always make sure to promote our analysts’ findings.


Master the full intelligence cycle, from collection and analysis to production and dissemination of finished intelligence reports.


Please send your resume and cover letter to yelisey@advintel.tech

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